Company Profile

About Basenet Technology Basenet Technology Sdn Bhd was established in 1996 to provide a wide range of products and services to address complete information systems requirements of businesses and organizations. The company provides comprehensive, cost-effective and state-of-the-art solutions to clients, based on their businesses, without prejudice on the technologies available. Systems Integration is our core business. Basenet is always sensitive towards technological evolution and market needs. This is our major strengths, the ability to innovate and react quickly so as to strive for leadership position. Today, Basenet is in a position to offer a unique range of products and services from software, high-technology-based products to specialized industry expertise. Apart from providing highly-skilled expertise in Information Technology, Basenet also offers specialized infrastructure-based solutions in accordance to the development in the world today.

Our Philosophy

The business of Basenet is all about bringing people, ideas, skills, products and clients together to form a successful combination. People are our most important of all assets, being in the service-oriented and intellectual property business. Basenet expects the best from its people, where innovation, creativity and hardwork represent the culture. Developing a business proposition from a simple idea is what distinguishes us most from our competitors. Ideas need to be explored and worked tested on before turning it into a reality. Originating from the IT background is what makes our business perspective exciting and full of possibilities. The advancements in technology and competitive forces are two key reasons why businesses need to be technologically driven. Strong IT skills and knowledge are expected out of our people and continually Basenet looks forward to building specialized and repetitive skills be it technical or business. And this is what makes our people commanding and valuable to our clients, the knowledge of both. More often than not, we prefer to remain neutral on our product selection. Quality and technical superiority are key criteria. In the final analysis, the integration of technologies must make good business sense to our clients, which is what our business is all about. The ability to meet their requirements and to continually serve with the highest satisfaction level is what we strive for in Basenet. While we are relatively young, Basenet has managed to build a wide range and depth of experience in the industry. But what is more important, is our peoples desire to learn, get better and do what seems difficult or impossible. Our drive and commitment is again our difference. We accept the challenge by responding with innovation, creativity and pushing the limits.

Partnering For The Future

We strongly believe that partnership is the best approach to getting things done. No matter how sophisticated the solution and technology can be, interaction and understanding between people will finally decide on the success. We in Basenet take no compromise on this.

Products and Services Basenet today, provides our clients with not only a one-stop-center for their IT needs, but also services that may complement their business strategies. A high value-added approach is what we believe will be our strength in our service offerings. Categorically, our service offerings are: Business Process Re-engineering
Strategic and Systems Planning
Maintenance and Support Management
Network Integration Services
Systems Development
Outsourcing and Facilities Management
In addition to the service offerings, BaseNET is also focused into providing our clients with solutions which require specific and specialized skills in the areas of:
High-End Technologies
Specialized Application Systems